A downloadable game for Windows, macOS, and Linux

Use WASD to move, E to interact, and I to open the inventory!

The Adventure Begins...

In the days following the Deluge, the world has been a lonely place. The rolling hills of Arvum overflow with nutrients, and yet not a single Kili has come to visit your homestead, let alone take root! 

You are Leenk, steadfast protector of your plot, ardent adventurer and… kind of bored. A few days ago while you were cleaning up around the farm, you found a leather-bound tome that contained a simple recipe for potato-leek soup, followed by many blank pages.

While your parents were greatly enthused by this discovery, and you’ve had this soup every night since, your curiosity is getting the better of you and you ache to discover the missing pages of the cookbook.

Perhaps there are more recipes to find outside? Armed with your trusty bowl and spoon, you decide to take the first step...

Game Features

  • Make friends! Get treasure!
  • Explore Leenk’s lush homestead over and over to collect all the recipe cards!
  • Engage in dialogue with a few sassy vegetables, and enjoy a seedy amount of puns!

Game Credits

Kate Gottfredson - Concept & Environmental Art 

 Owen Hellum - Programming & 3D Modelling 

 Luiz Melo - Programming & Pixel Art 

 Natasha Cellich - Writing & Pixel Art


Linux.zip 53 MB
Mac.app.zip 48 MB
Windows.zip 39 MB

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